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Today I finally had some quiet time to update this site.  It’s far from complete, but as you know, blogs are by definition ‘works in progress’.

To the right, in the sidebar is a refreshed set of links to both the organizations that we are supporting with your donations this year, and the organizations and other links that are from our past work.  Please do take some time to read about the Escuela Project, Amnesty’s work to end child soldiering, and the Edith Benson Babies Home.

That last one:  we don’t have a web page on the ‘net dedicated to the Babies Home.  SO, we are pointing you to the agency that oversees donations to help them out.  COME TO PEACEFEST 09 to hear direct accounts of what’s going on there, and in many other places in the world!

I’m particularly excited – and hope all the tech connections work! – to include a conversation with Mariette from Rwanda, an interview with Sammy from Ghana, a discussion with DarkLobo (av) in Bogota… oh it just goes on and on.  I’ll write more later…

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When I was a kid growing up here in the US, I watched a lot of TV.  I watched a lot of game shows out of sheer boredom, feeling there was ‘nothing to do’.

The game shows, like Let’s Make a Deal, or Match Game, the Price is Right or even the early days with Dialing for Dollars – all of them at some point featured a ‘winner’ who would leap for joy, cry tears of disbelief, stumble over themselves and the show host as they tried to comprehend the magnitude of what they had just won; a NEW CAR!  A trip for two to fabulous HAWAII!!!   A brand new Amana Radarange!!!

Okay you get it.

Today, I’m asking us all to stop the madness.  To convert our anticipated moments of ‘winning’ towards an anticipation of ‘saving’.  Imagine what it would be like, if Bob Barker had revealed … “you’ve just fed an ENTIRE FAMILY FOR A YEAR!!!!!”.  or “you just supplied ARV‘s to 30 infants!!!!!”.  OR “you’ve just provided education, and an alternative to drugs and prostitution to an ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!”.

Stop the madness.  Start the dreaming.  The caring.  The doing.

PeaceFest 09.

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