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Greetings from Cambodia!

We are delighted to send you some updates from Tra Peang Veng village’s water project! In March, READA’s Project Manager (Sineng Yoeun) and I conducted a monitoring visit to assess the impact of the water filters you donated to the village. You will find more information on the water progress in the village in READA’s report (attached)

As part of the monitoring visit, we were invited to Mrs Krot Thuk’s home. Mrs Krot Thuk lives in the village with her husband and her 4 younger children. Before Mrs Krot Thuk received a water filter, the family used to drink directly from the nearby well and pond (the pond was used during the dry season when the well had run out of water) and family members would suffer from waterborne diseases on average 2 or 3 times a month. Mrs Krot Thuk explained to us that she did not like going to the local commune clinic as she had never seen any positive result. She would instead try to go to Siem Reap hospital as much as she could (Siem Reap hospital is situated approximately 70 km away) which could cost the family between $25 and $75 a month.

Mrs Krot Thuk who has been using her water filter since August 2012, explained to us how the filter has impacted the family who no longer suffers from chronic waterborne disease. Family members are now confident about the quality of the water they drink and are even drinking more water as a result. They also take the filtered water with them when they go and work in the fields. Mrs Krot Thuk commented on the fact that the water no longer had a smell and candidly asked us why.

Mrs Krot Thuk is part of the water saving scheme (money saved to replace the clay component of the filter every 2 years). She was delighted to tell us that she now has extra cash which she is using to buy supplementary food for the family.

Mrs Krot Thuk wants to thank everyone who has contributed to her water filter and wishes us all a long and healthy life!

Warmest Regards,

Sandra Berard
Lotus Trust/Hilfe Country Co-ordinator
On behalf of Lotus and READA

April 5, 2013 update from Cambodia on the impact we made with the funding of water filters for rural villagers.  What great news!  A huge THANK YOU to the great team at READA, Sandra, and our fabulous Peace Train supporters.

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