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I am delighted to let you know that the water filters provided by Peace Train were … distributed to 19 families in Tra Peang Veng village on Friday 24th August!! READA’ s Field Officer, Sineng Yoeun, provided the community members with training on water hygiene and water filters maintenance. As part of this initiative, a saving scheme was also set up to enable families to keep maintaining their filters and to promote ownership.

On behalf of the Tra Peang Veng community, READA and Lotus, I wish to thank you and the Peace Train team for your hard work and great support!

It has been quite some time since we updated the website last!  After PeaceFest 2011, the team took a break and went about the rest of our lives for a while.  As many of you might know, Peace Train is an all-volunteer, distributed organization of people with shared interest in making a positive change in the world under the large and encompassing banner of ‘peace’.


These women are in a small village in Cambodia and are among the recipients of water filtration systems (and the training on how to use / maintain them).  PeaceFest contributions in part went to support this effort.  Notice the sign that the woman on the left is holding!  Many many thanks to Sandra Bérard and the team at READA for following up with us.  I am going to copy in below part of the message I received this week from them.  In addition, please see the link here to the full set of photos from the training and filter distribution.

Truly inspiring work these people are doing!

UPDATE:  Please check out the video here!

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