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2012 is right around the corner – the holidays of this time of year are speeding along it seems. A quick update: The funds from IMAGINE PeaceFest have been distributed to two of the 3 organisations (RAWA and OLPC); and I am still working on the transfer to Cambodia for the READA group. I’ll post an update when all is completed! Feels great to close the loop and to get the help to those who need it – thank you ALL for your support!

If you are thinking about other worthy causes, here is work that one of our Peace Train members Erica d’Aquila is doing in Suriname in her capacity as Peace Corps volunteer. I’ll paste in her message below, and have added a couple of photos she has sent. It would be terrific to help her and her village reach their funding goal for such an essential and basic need.  If you’d like to hear an interview with Erica and see more photos, click here.

From Erica:

Give the gift of clean drinking water

As many of you already know, I am still trying to raise the funds to resolve the lack of clean drinking water in the village, Pempe, where I am currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Suriname. Together, we have already raised 4,000 USD; however, the project still needs an additional 6,000 USD before it can be implemented.

The funds from this project will purchase 43 rain water catchment systems. These catchment systems will provide clean drinking water to the 140 men, women, and children living in Pempe year round.

Currently, the only water available to the village for drinking has been tested and shows the presence of E-coli and other harmful bacteria. As a result, water borne illnesses are amongst the most common health problems in the village. Water borne illnesses are often the cause of malnutrition in children, and prevent adults from traveling to their farms to harvest food for their families.

Please take the time during this holiday season to give the gift of clean drinking water to the men, women, and children of Pempe. I ask that you also encourage your families, friends, parishes, and colleagues to join us, so that together we can make this project a success!

Donations can be made my clicking on the following link:


This project must raise the full 10,000 USD by February 2012 or else it will not be happen, so if you can think of any way of getting the word out there, please help us out! Your donations and support will be making a huge impact in the lives of all of the adults and children living in Pempe, and it is greatly, greatly appreciate. NO donation is too big or too small!

Have a wonderful, merry, happy holiday season!

Love from Suriname,




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