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Thank you!

One week ago we began IMAGINE PeaceFest. We set ourselves a goal to raise awareness about peace-building organizations in the world, and to gather a few funds to give to them. To do that – you, the artists, performers, organizers, poets, singers, bands, attendees and donors – you all came out to join us. Thank you all!

A few updates:
http://ireport.cnn.com/topics/1307 Many thanks to that marvelous avatar-reporter Any1 Gynoid for her contribution this year.

IMAGINE Networks blog updates.  Many thanks to Ms. M. Chevalier and Mr. J. Stockholm for their steady spirits and collaboration!

Our interview with READA Cambodia’s Sandra Bérard.  Thanks to Ms. W. Whiteberry for her guidance, patience and skill!

To the gentlemen interns at Old Dominion University – Mr. T. Norton and Mr. G. Selden – thank you for getting us into the social media realm and organizing the spoken word event!

I will post more details on the summary collections and links to pictures from the events once I return from travels – travels that unfortunately took me away from the last day of the event.  I hear it was great!

More soon.

Yours in peace –


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