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Profiles in Peace

Starting a series of interviews!  They will be featured here, and I wanted to include the latest interview with a Peace Train member and Peace Corps worker, Erica d’Aquila.  Check it out!

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Thank you!

One week ago we began IMAGINE PeaceFest. We set ourselves a goal to raise awareness about peace-building organizations in the world, and to gather a few funds to give to them. To do that – you, the artists, performers, organizers, poets, singers, bands, attendees and donors – you all came out to join us. Thank you all!

A few updates:
http://ireport.cnn.com/topics/1307 Many thanks to that marvelous avatar-reporter Any1 Gynoid for her contribution this year.

IMAGINE Networks blog updates.  Many thanks to Ms. M. Chevalier and Mr. J. Stockholm for their steady spirits and collaboration!

Our interview with READA Cambodia’s Sandra Bérard.  Thanks to Ms. W. Whiteberry for her guidance, patience and skill!

To the gentlemen interns at Old Dominion University – Mr. T. Norton and Mr. G. Selden – thank you for getting us into the social media realm and organizing the spoken word event!

I will post more details on the summary collections and links to pictures from the events once I return from travels – travels that unfortunately took me away from the last day of the event.  I hear it was great!

More soon.

Yours in peace –


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Art Auction in Second Life at the Dafthouse

The schedule has been updated with links to locations.  A big thank you to all the performers who are lined up for IMAGINE PeaceFest – those great people at ODU!  And all those great people wherever they are who are giving their time and talents to help people who could really use a hand.  Thanks also to the Nordic Virtual Worlds Network for giving us a shout!  There are many others to thank – Beverly Botsford, John Steed and the very talented Russ Corvey for their fantastic talents in the videos produced.  The list goes on.

If you want to help, please do.  The women in Afghanistan will be helped, the kids with new connections to the world will be helped, and the villagers in rural Cambodia will be helped.  Thank you.

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Imagine PEACEFEST Spoken Word Event!

What: Imagine PEACEFEST Spoken Word Night
When: Sunday, November, 13, 5 – 7 PM
Where: House of Blues at the Webb Center at ODU.
Why: The Imagine PEACEFEST Spoken Word Night is a charity event featuring local artists from Norfolk. The charities we’re supporting this year are One Laptop Per Child, The Rural Economic and Agricultural Development Agency: Cambodia, and The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. While the Event is free to all those who want to come we’ll be collecting donations all night for these charities and sharing a little bit of information for you about who they are and what they do.


Poetikk Justice

Tonya ” Poetikk Justice” Shell was born in New England (Boston Massachusetts). Tonya has been grounded in the  Performing Arts since the age of two. This Host, Classical Harpist, Visual Artist, Poet, Television Host and Author is affectionately known as “Poetikk Justice”, founded Renaissance Woman Productions in 1999. She is a graduate of Norfolk State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Poetikk is the holder of multiple Masters Degrees to include a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Poetikk is a known Playwright throughout the Hampton Roads area. Some of her most popular and memorable productions include Men Who Wear Pink Socks”, Women Who Wear Blue Genes”,Oilsheen: the Musical stage play“, ” Damaged Goodes” which previewed at Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University and The Attucks Theater this past summer.Poetikk Justice’s newest project of monologues ” MY Favorite D.R.E.S.S.S“:(DEDICATED women RAISING  EXCELLENCE through SACRIFICE and SHARING STORIES), features local Indie Female Artist(s), Poets and Musicians. The Male perspective “My Favorite T.I.E” (Telling HIStory through IRONY and EXPERIENCES): the Monologues will kick off 2012. Stay tuned for other Renaissance Woman Productions upcoming productions ” Her Dollhouse Blues: the Musical Stage Play”, ” Two Wrongs Don’t Make It Wright: the stage play”, ” Family MeAtings: the stage play” and a host of short indie film and documentary projects. You can follow Poetikk Justice on Facebook and poetikkjthehost on Twitter.

Cassandra isFree

Cassandra Renee Spruill, aka Cass, is an up and coming Spoken Word artist in the 7-cities area. She has been a  feature poet in a variety of events including Comments for the Cure, Last Tuesdays, Bean There Cafe, and Mic Fiend. Cassandra was most recently featured as the alumni representative for the homecoming pre-show slam for the Honors Cafe at Norfolk State University, where she received her BS in Sociology. She currently works as a Case Manager for Portsmouth Public Schools, where she has helped enforce the “Read Aloud to a Child” program in her school. Cassandra has a great love for poetry and is currently working on a cd and book of her work.

Neisha Purvis

Neisha Purvis aka ‘Beautiful Disaster’ is a New York born, Jersey raised, Virginia residing Poet/Spoken Word artist. Writing since the age of ten, Neisha began performing at local open mics within the last two years, adopting the name ‘Beautiful Disaster’ along the way. With her big, infectious smile and shy demeanor, many are left surprised by the passion, love, pain and aggression of which she speaks during her performances; but all leave with a newfound understanding of just what it means to be a beautiful disaster.
Twitter: @beauTfuldisaztr
Email: iambeautifuldisaster@gmail.com
YouTube channel: DisasterB126

Also we have:

Nita Hurt
Dani-DoWrite Green

Members of the Flowetic Movement.

Come out and support Imagine PEACEFEST and the great charities we’re supporting!

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