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Hey everyone we’ve all been hard at work trying to make this year’s peace train the biggest ever! That being said we thought it’s only fair to clue you guys in to some of the great stuff that we’re planning both in Second Life and in Real Life here at Old Dominion University.

Also we’re in the process of updating the schedule over here so check back soon for a more complete listing of s

On the Second Life front:

Some of the live virtual performances include:
– Ga Go Gigamon (from Japan!)
– Louis Landon (aka Louis Volare in SL)
– Cylindrian Rutabaga
– Blues Heron
– Max Kleene
and Gina Stella
Some of the virtual discussions and interviews include:
– Water Rights and Peace
– An interview with READA Cambodia
Some of the Learning sessions include
– Democratic organizing
– Tour of the RAWA virtual space
– Talk with Dr. Andrew
Some of the other virtual events include
– CARP Benvolio
– A reading / performance of The Universe is a Green Dragon
Again More Updates on the schedule coming up soon.
At the Old Dominion campus we’re going to have two sepearate spoken word events to help sponsor Imagine Peace Fest.
The first day will be put on by the Flowetic Movement on Friday, November 11 around 5 PM at the House of Blues Cafe at ODU. More specific details to come.
The second event will present live poets from the area preforming poems and spoken word pieces in support of peace fest on Sunday, November 13, around 5 PM at the House of Blues Cafe at ODU. More specific Details to come!

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