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The Rural Economic and Agricultural Development Agency’s was founded in 2004 with the sole mission, “to change the rural community people from a situation of poverty towards advanced socio-economic autonomy with professional skills that leads them to have their own sustainable small and medium business or livelihood activities with a high awareness of society and health.”

READA is revolutionary in the way it’s thinking about helping impoverished individuals. READA takes economic principals and mixes them with community environments to help create sustainable farming practices that help these communities raise standards of living and improve farming practices. Their model allows innovation on a base level; the farmers themselves implement and create new strategies to make their farming more successful. The idea is that when these farmers implement and begin to grow it pays back into the community as word spreads and their farming practices are re-implimented into other nearby communities.

Working with Non-Governmental Agencies and Local Governmental Agencies READA has spent the past 7 years using this method to help creating better communities in rural areas. Not only does this method improve the local farming culture but it also helps create a better sense of communal education as one generation passes it’s ideas on to the next.

Since READA has started they’ve expanded their operations into other parts of society such as HIV Awareness, societal protection, and helping create equality within their communities. READA is a model for what an amazing NGO is and we’ve chosen to sponsor them for this years IMAGINE PeaceFest because of all the great work they’ve done and continue to do.

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