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As you all may know from reading up here, we collect money in Second Life and convert those virtual dollars to real dollars, combine that with whatever has been contributed through our PayPal donations and other events, and the total of all that is divided evenly among the 3 organizations and sent to them as a contribution.

Today, we have a financial update:  There are $132,000 linden dollars in our Second Life account – a HUGE thank you to all of you who contributed online.  ALSO, we have US $640 in donations from those attending our Dining on the Peace Train events.  This is the tally today – final tally will occur later this week.  For now, we estimate this to be about US $1,100 in total contributions.

For each of these orgs, this is significant help!  We’ll have sponsored a child at SafePassage for the better part of a year, ensuring good food, water, medical attention, shelter, and education.  We will have contributed to the materials development and provision for our friends at UMUSEKE, making a real difference in helping the children of Rwanda and surrounding regions have tools to bring people together in peace.  And we will have helped impoverished women in India have an opportunity to achieve financial independence through the Self Employed Women’s Association.

You have done this.

The connection of virtual world and online activities to creating real peace in the world is tangible.

Speaking of connections; I’m now sitting in the warm comfort of the Stockholm airport in snowy Sweden waiting for a connection to Addis Ababa and finally Kigali, Rwanda, where tomorrow I will have the pleasure of meeting Mariette Utamuvuna of UMUSEKE in person.  Stay tuned to this blog for pictures and updates : )

And thank you for helping make peace real.  It’s an ongoing construction.

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