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Peace Train Station

Cotton doing Tai Chi at the Peace Train Station

Today we had the first of a series of group meetings to plan PeaceFest 2010.  It was great to see old and new faces!  The above link is a “SLURL” that will take you to our meeting place on Four Bridges, and if you are in Second Life, please do consider joining us on Mondays at 3pm SLT (which is the same as 3pm Pacific time).  We had I believe 8 people in attendance today – a great start…

We have Alexxa and Jonah to thank, once again, for working on a logo for us – can’t wait to see what that looks like, and I’ll post here asap.  If you’d like to know what you can do to help – inside or outside of Second Life – there is a list at our project wiki that we keep updated.

PeaceFest 2010.  See one world!

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