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YES!  At long last an update here : )

The Peace Train board met today for a first round of discussions related to the benefiting organizations for PeaceFest 2010.  We’re well on the way to determining those – we know there will be 3, they will be small non-profits positioned around the globe, and that very likely one will be on the African continent, one in India and one in central or south America.  Stay tuned!

WE are also looking for connections far and wide to various groups or interested parties who would like to collaborate with us in this effort.  We are looking beyond the Second Life events, to real life events that would coincide with the online work.  Ideas are blossoming.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s terribly rewarding.

I received an email, unsolicited, from a former recipient of PeaceFest funding.  Mind you, our contributions are relatively small, but in the scheme of things, and for small organizations, they mean a lot.  The leader in question, a Rwandan, expressed her gratitude for the *connections* made as a result of PeaceFest;  her group has been visited twice by representatives from an american university.

Progress.  Hope.

In the interim since PeaceFest 09, there have been a number of events:  the 16 Days Against Violence campaign last November, the interview and concert for children in Sudan in March of this year, and most recently the Project Tents for Haiti campaign that resulted in funding for 2 Shelterboxes for victims of natural disasters!  We have been busy….

And now it’s time to focus on PeaceFest.

Planning is being tracked at the wiki.  We will be overhauling this blog, as we do each year, to re-brand it for PeaceFest 2010.  Come be part of the action!  Email or comment here – we are listening.  We need your help!  Check out our list of opportunities

Peace  –

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