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What a joyful realization that we celebrate and raise awareness of world peace at SL Peacefest at the same time athletes from around the world will be right in the middle of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

One World, One Dream

One World, One Dream

 I checked the schedule, and the games will be in full swing with many popular events taking place simultaneous to our 3 day festival of Peace in Second Life! 

A perfect companion and inspiration to bring the world closer, this small and beautiful place, with generous giving of appreciation and hope.  It can be done through Second Life. It has been done! In fact I just learned that Relay for Life earned 200 thousand U.S. Dollars through Second Life in one 24 hour event!

The Theme of this year’s olympics is “One World, One Dream”.  I second that! May that same oneness surround our SL Peacefest events, contributors, performers, panelists, artists, and all who care about our common goal of Peace.

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90 years young!  Our friends at the Virtual Africa sim have a host of events going on this month to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments and life of Nelson Mandela.  Here is a summary of what they had going on, and an SLURL to the Virtual Africa sim:

12-1 pm SLT    Robben Island:  Opening to Madiba Month in SL @


1-2 pm SLT      Saminaka: African Music-Video Danceparty, Art Exhibit, Treasure Hunt Launch                       

2-4 pm SLT      Dejavu Isles: African Party                          

3-5 pm  SLT     Virtual Africa: 90×365 Party DJ Oroonie Oh                   

5-7 pm SLT      Dejuvu Isles: “Celebrate Mandela” Dance Party               

10-5pm SLT    Irie Vibes: Celebrates Mandela with 3 DJs

Hats off to Alanagh Recreant and team at Virtual Africa, and to the contributors to this fantastic event.

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One of our wonderful leaders – Cotton – found a site both online and in-world which promotes nonprofit activity in Second Life. This is a new project and we are working on partnering with them to help us promote SL Peacefest 08.

Plush Nonprofit Commons
Plush Nonprofit Commons

One thing we do have now, which is linked to their site, is a wiki space. This is a membership site allowing ongoing discussions about the projects. Please take a couple minutes to join the wiki site, then to join the SL Peacefest and NPSL wiki’s. The more we work together, the more our results will be multiplied. Only takes a minute, is free, and you can set your own preferences. The more who join and participate both here on the blog and on the wiki site, the better for our visibility. The sims inworld have spaces available for offices, so we may want to set up a presence there. …Just thinking out loud. Thanks in advance to all of you for your help!

You are the greatest!

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