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PeaceFest ’08

Hop On The Peace Train – Destination Peace

PeaceFest ’08, a benefit event for worldwide peace, will take place on August 15th – 17th 2008 in Second Life (SL). Starting at 10AM SLT (Second Life Time, same as Pacific Time) on the 15th and ending at 11:59 PM on the 17th and covering 10 sims (virtual geographic regions) this festival will feature live music, theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, panel discussions and a rally at the Peace Park in SL Central Park. Master schedules for these exciting events will be posted at peacefest.wikidot.com .

PeaceFest ‘08 is a global, interfaith, cross-cultural effort to create lasting peace through mobilizing support for and learning with real-life peace organizations. All proceeds from PeaceFest ‘08 will go to benefit Amnesty International, UNICEF, World Peace Organization, World Council On Religions & Peace and One.org.

This event represents a true cross-over from real-life to Second Life and back again as we bring real-life speakers in-world to discuss peace-related initiatives in our global open and free SL forum. Musicians and speakers will be streamed into SL while panel discussions and performances are streamed back out.

This is more than an event, it’s a journey….destination peace!

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What is SL?

SL is an acronym for Second Life. Second Life is a global, virtual community that is imagined, created and inhabited by its residents. The broad diversity of its residents makes SL one-of-a-kind for global dialogue; an Australian can sit and visit with someone from Portugal or a Palestinian with someone from China. The creativity of the inhabitants is equally compelling; from live concerts streamed in by musicians all over the planet, to virtual art and unique venues, to protest rallies or unusual sporting events, SL makes discovery a way of life. If you can dream it, it can happen in SL. Why, even the occasional mermaid or furry bunny might chat with you in-world.

Because SL tends to be inhabited by open-minded and peace-oriented people, it is an ideal community through which to effect global change. And global change — in the form of a more peaceful world — is the goal of PeaceFest ’08.

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